Helping You with your next project of any size where ever you are.


Our focus is helping you with your next project.

Our focus is finding areas where your project could be more productive and successful and then helping you develop the path to get it there.

  • Instruments
  • Local Panels
  • Control Rooms
  • Cloud based solutions










Data from Milliseconds to Seconds

Sensors to Controllers

We can help you with your sensor to controller projects including instrumentation, signal conditioning, power distribution, meters, logic and control systems.



Data from Seconds to hours

Controllers to Operators

We can help you with your controllers to your operator projects including data acquisition systems, alarm & annunciator systems, control systems, interfaces, protection systems, safety systems, simulators, and  optimization systems.



  Data from minutes to days

Reporters to Analyzers

We can help you with your reporters to your analyzer projects including historians, analysis systems, asset management systems,  fleet management systems, diagnostic systems.