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PSP30251-39 MS7001FB Gas Turbine Greenville, SC, Mfg. Rotor Half Shell DI 6200x6200,PSP30251-39 MS7001FB Gas Turbine Greenville, SC, Mfg. Rotor Half Shell DI 6200x6200

Delivered Integrated Condition Monitoring Program for Advanced Gas Turbines

– Engineering Consultancy Company – Texas


Design, production and installation of  new plantwide distributed control systems for new power plants including Cyber-security solutions

– Power Plant OEM – Georgia


Integration project for upgrading and merging a site with three separate automation platforms to a common platform.

– Power Plant, Missouri


Designed and deployed Enterprise Wide Information System linking multiple power plants together for remote monitoring.

– Distributed Control System Supplier – Southeastern US



Pilot project for evaluation of wireless instrumentation in an Industrial setting

– Power Plant OEM, Florida

USPTO Seal.0

Created prototype instrumentation for a dual channel high pressure measurement. Received patent. – Major Energy Services Research and Development Office – Oklahoma