Project Management has to be specific to the environment

Although there is uniqueness to a particular project, there are principles of project management that are consistent based on the context of the organization .

We have experience in support to projects in multiple contexts and understand the unique characteristics of different type of environments.

Projects also have to be adapted to the customer engagement and whether the project is for internal or external stakeholders.


Prototype projects have unique characteristics in order to deliver the project results.  The project charter may require a more limited authorization and require continued demonstration of results for the continuance of the project.

Design, Production, & Test 

In many projects, the project management activities include design, production and test activities.  These phases are linked tightly together and project management has to interface throughout the full lifecycle.


Project management in a Service environment has added requirements related to installation, commissioning and startup of the project.  The project cannot compromise on safety and has to be complete the work that is required without delay and disruption.


Project management in an integration environment has to not only deliver specific solutions, but also the integration of multiple solutions together, sometimes from multiple organizations and project teams.